They Drew First Blood

by Cells

Working mall security for the USA They need to be stopped, lets do it today Burn the badge No one! is going to make the change for us Burn it! before they burn us
Here’s another song about how I don’t get The cobwebs of feces that you always set All my frustration about the world all the things and what goes on Can I take it out on you, you cant say no, I just do everyone/anyone I hate your guts If you dont know by now just how I think Here’s a hint for you, you fuckin stink That’s just a terms of phrase, I don’t mean a thing This whole song is a joke, it shouldn’t sting I hate! Your Guts! Just take a look about you/Do you think that roof will fall through? Do you trust your surroundings? I have no grasp on fates doings That was just another diversion/Let’s get back to the plot Sometimes we just hope you die/that’s all the future that you’ve got
There’s a booth at the mall They sell dreams come one come all Pay for college see the world Maybe you can fuck a girl Ah, don’t fuck my wife/PTSD I lost my leg/Don’t forget me Take a loan, buy a car Go get drunk at the bar Its just eternal servitude Health insurance will include The ideal citizen A rifle and a chicken wing Next thing you become a cop 300 pounds is not a lot Isn’t it glamorous To be an entitled shit Just kill some kids today To earn your 401k Dodge Charger Ford Mustang
Everything went wrong/It all falls apart Things could not get worse/knew it from the start Writhing on the floor Suffering and pain you wanna die A couple weeks go by/No longer need to cry No need for help/no need to change It all subsides, things are going fine Life is back to normal, walking a straight line But then it hits again, now it’s even worse Is the time you do it, is this the time you learn Life has its ups and downs this much you know But when you go down, where will you go? What happened then, will happen again Learn how to fight, do something do anything Danger past god! forgotten
Follow/Fall Down We just want to live our lives Without being terrorized Obey the rules/Carry on/You’ll still see/the baton Find a way to fight We know whats right Xxxxx Cops pushing people to the edge of their rope It’s gonna to snap, they’re gonna choke Let us live/tell us why/what did we do/they drew first blood


Let us live/tell us why/what did we do/they drew first blood. Look forward to a cassette of Cells on Discontinuous Innovation at some point in the future or maybe not, who can tell


released August 19, 2020

All songs by Cells other than 4 (Urban Mutants) and 6 (Mothersbaugh/Casale)
Engineered by S. Albert, mixed drunk off our asses


all rights reserved



Another Label Minneapolis, Minnesota

Connie Voltaire's Muzak Zone. Not Canadian

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